At the intersection of conservation, development, and public participation is a planning method called greenprinting. This process focuses on using surrounding natural features in a way that balances responsible environmental management with local development and community welfare.


Much like a blueprint is for a building or town, a greenprint is a schematic that is developed for conservation planning. Working together, and with the help of our team, residents and decision makers can view their municipality from a landscape scale perspective. Through mapping and an analysis of greenspace, biodiversity, and built-form, individuals are able to easily understand what their community is and where its natural health is headed. They'll have a chance to decide if this is the future they want, and then the opportunity to think creatively about how their natural areas can become even more valuable for themselves and other species through the design of green infrastructure, nature-based tourism, and outdoor recreation. 

By inviting our team for an initial consultation your municipality can begin the process of developing a stronger economy with a more stable nature. After an introduction and overview of the procedure, our team will work with the community to complete a comprehensive evaluation of outdoor recreation, conservation enterprises, and nature-based tourism opportunities that will increase jobs and natural capital assets of a desired region.


Generally, the process takes place through the following steps:


  1. Community and land owner outreach, visioning, and needs assessment

  2. Analysis of landscape history, natural resource inventory, and socioeconomic review

  3. Socio-ecological mapping

  4. Collaborative ecotourism and recreation project design and planning

  5. Program, event, and infrastructure implementation

Throughout the whole process, from government to grassroots, we facilitate community outreach and participatory planning activities, zoning and land-use policy changes, public and private partnerships, nature marketing, habitat assessments, situation assessments and natural resource surveys. Please contact us to get started with a greenprint and ecotourism plan today.

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