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Rewild Tourism is founded on the idea that positive relationships with nature are built through having positive experiences in nature. We believe by reconnecting people with ecologically vibrant spaces, our society can better witness the services nature provides and understand the growing importance of incorporating conservation more effectively into our planning and development systems.


Our mission is to create new landscapes and opportunities for people to see, experience, and protect nature. To interact with wildlife, and to fall in love with something our built world can't provide. Through our work, we expand opportunities for co-existence, interaction, and immersion. We stimulate local economies,  improve the human-nature relationship, and design new ways to get outside, have fun, and stay active and healthy.


Using conservation planning tools and Greenprinting,  Rewild Tourism works with communities, businesses, and government officials to plan and create parks, habitat, and other conservation enterprises in landscapes of all scales. Our process is simple:

  1.   Consult local communities

  2.   Assess local landscapes

  3.   Analyse the opportunities

  4.   Develop a collaborative plan

  5.   And assist with implementation

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Rewild Tourism is in the process of assembling a team of social and natural science consultants to contribute creative and pragmatic ideas, and up-to-date data, to our growing number of ecotourism and conservation enterprise projects. We are looking for people with skills and knowledge in conservation financing, sustainable business modelling, and field ecology. We also invite anyone to submit project ideas or proposals for collaboration. Please email if you are interested in getting involved.


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Protecting nature through experience.

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